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When you become a Fresh Web Market author you instantly put your products in front of a large and highly focused audience. You have the full support of our team to help you test, set your prices, promotions, technical support and everything in between.

To become an Author, simply submit a ticket to our help desk with the details of your products: (please choose the Fresh Web Market category)

What commissions will I get?

You will be paid commissions on a sliding scale depending on the number of sales, as follows:

0 to 10 sales = 50%
11 to 50 sales = 52.5%
51 to 200 items = 55%
201 to 1000 sales = 57.5%
1000+ sales = 60%

How many sales will I get?
This completely depends on the quality of your product, the current demand and competition for that type of product. We will advise in every area possible to maximize your sales.

Will you promote my product?
We may promote your product via email marketing and via our other products/services. This is at our discretion and we will advise you of any promotion methods we intend to undertake.

What items can I sell in FWM?
You can sell Fresh Store Builder templates and Skins, WordPress themes & plugins, image packs, niche research packs and most things in between. Simply contact us at the link above with details of your product and we will let you know if it is listable in FWM.

Can I sell my products elsewhere?
You can advertise and link to your products on FWM but you can’t sell them elsewhere. This is to maintain the quality of the marketplace and to prevent FWM becoming simply a list of products that can be found on other websites.

When and how do I get paid?
Payments are made once a month via PayPal. Under special circumstances we can issue payment early or via different methods, at our discretion.

What about updates and support?
We require that you ensure your templates work in the latest version of the relevant software (e.g. WordPress, Fresh Store Builder) and all bugs are fixed in a timely fashion (within 4 weeks). You must also provide support in a timely fashion (max 48 hours response times).

In the event that you stop updating and/or supporting the templates we reserve the right to take ownership of them and will take responsibility for providing updates.

Do I retain the rights to the products that I list?
Yes you retain the rights to the products, unless you do not provide timely updates. Please see previous question.

Who is responsible for copyright violations of my products?
You the author must take responsibility and make sure you’re not violating anyone’s copyright. If you’re unsure about any aspect of copyright, ask the asset’s owner or a solicitor.

Do you have an Affiliate Program?
We will be launching an Affiliate Program soon.

Do you review products before listing?
We review and fully test all products before listing. If any changes are needed we will provide you with a full testing report with details on what needs fixing. If we find your product is significantly low quality we will cancel testing and reject the product.

Who determines the price of my file?
We will discuss with you the price and come to an agreement, but ultimately the final decision on price is made by FWM. We will decide based on factors such as quality, complexity and potential demand.